For Andreas Hinterseher, his travels are a source of inspiration, something without wich no musician can exist. Since his early childhood the Bavarian accordion player has been drawn to foreign countries and their inhabitants, initially by longingly tracing them with his fingers on a map, later by musically exploring them with the help of his instrument and, for the last ten years, extensively with the Quadro Nuevo Quartet. Growing up as a folk musician, learning Tango and Musette from French friends, following a formal course of studies of classical music and jazz, working in the theatre, it is the sound of the instrument which has always captivated him. Andreas Hinterseher's accordion is home to many things, scenes from Italian street music, Nordic melancholy, French light-heartness, or the seriousness of classical music. One thing though is evident in every note he play his great love of music.

On the new worldwide bass album Andreas Hinterseher plays the accordion parts.