Glen Moore is a jazz bassist with early classical training in piano until age 13. He played bass in the school orchestra, experimenting with jazz and free improvisation on his own. His performing carreer began at age 14 with the Young Oregonians in Portland, Oregon where he met and played with American Indian saxophonist, Jim Pepper. He graduated with a degree in History and Literature from the University of Oregon where he also studied the cello. His formal bass instruction started after college with Jerome Magil in Portland, James Harnet in Seattle, Gary Karr in New York, Plough Christenson in Copenhagen, Ludwig Streicher in Vienna and Francois Rabbath in Hawaii. Glen plays a Klotz bass fiddle crafted in the Tyrol circa 1715 on which he has made extensive use of a unique tuning with both a low and high C string. With Ralph Towner and Paul McCandless he founded the famous OREGON band which has inspired audiences around the world at famous concert halls, international jazz clubs and major festivals since decades.

On the new worldwide bass album Glen Moore plays jazz doublebass parts.