lives and works in Cologne. The pianist is always exploring new ways of musical collaboration. She performs with many different instrumentalists, singers, and actors, and has been part of numerous productions and CDs. Together with Christine Hoock she has been part of the Duo Piasso for many years.

Concert tours and performances at festivals have taken the artist to Schleswig-Holstein, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, France, Schotland, Estonia, and the US. Barbara Nußbaum studied with Günter Ludwig, Wilhelm Hecker, and the Amadeus Quartet, and has collaborated, among others, with musicians such as Mstislav Rostropovich, Boris Pergamentchikov, Igor Ozim, and Robert Szidon. Among her musical partners are Ensemble Modern, John Goldsby, Glen Moore, Quadronuevo, Peter Neumann, John Adams, and Andreas Rothkopf.

Barbara Nußbaum teaches at the Robert-Schumann Music College in Dusseldorf and the Rheinische Musikschule in Cologne. She also gives talks and seminars, having originated new concepts of teaching.

On the new worldwidebass album Barbara Nussbaum plays the piano parts.